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Where’s the Friendly Skies?!

I feel like a fish out of water….

Being a native Texan coming to Missouri has been anything but welcoming thus far. No one smiles at each other in the grocery stores, people look at you weird when you say “excuse me or pardon me” in the grocery store and as far as southern hospitality, it’s nonexistent.

So you could say I’m going through a culture shock, which would be accurate. Thankfully there’s a Target, otherwise, I might be completely lost.

I had the absolute worst experience ever today at the Post Office. Now, people will say that all government workers are always in a bad mood, which I will rightfully disagree, because in Texas they are not.

I just went in to get a book of stamps; they did not have an automated machine, so I had to stand in line, which was fine. The line wasn’t terribly long, but one of the workers decided to open the small kiosk in the middle of the store. He called for the next customer in line to come. This older woman one person in front of me looked over and walked over to the kiosk. The man in front of me glanced back and decided to stick with his current spot in line. I then decided that I would go stand behind this woman since the line was shorter. I walked over and stood behind the older woman and before he even assisted the woman, he squarely looked at me and said “You’re not next in line, next in line only”. I turned and reclaimed my place where I was 2 seconds before and I physically felt my smile fade and my face fall. The man in front of me then walked to the woman at the counter to be helped. A woman walked in and stood behind me and then I heard the man at the kiosk call for next in line, which was me. I kindly told the woman behind me to go ahead. I was NOT going to let him assist me with stamps. I didn’t even look at him on my way out.

Seriously Springfield, is this how we treat people?!

Looking for some positivity and something that reminded me of home, I drove over to Chick-fil-A to get a sweet tea. They were kind (as always) and after I paid, I thanked the cashier for her kindness and how much I appreciated it. She was taken aback, but said that she was so happy to have provided that service for me today.

As my boss at Michaels Arts & Crafts said many times, “it does not cost any more to be nice to others”. He was absolutely correct then and still is now.

I’m going to start thanking others for their kindness and helpfulness, because it seems to be a rarity here. Kindness does matter; it matters everyday.


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