Internship · Journey

New Beginnings

Today was the day of Orientation part 2 and meeting the Child Life team at CoxHealth.

I definitely am ready for the first few days week after next and it will be cool to be the “new intern on the block”.

After orientation, I was privileged to meet the current intern and she was able to give me a tour around the unit and show me the playroom & teen room. First off, this hospital is lovely; it’s whimsical and fun; bright and light and family centered…which are all things I am looking for in a children’s hospital.

I was also given the opportunity to go have a farewell lunch for the current intern with the rest of the Child Life team. That was not only a great time to do a meet & greet, but also a way for the current intern and I to bond and share stories. This outing also gave me the opportunity to meet the other specialists. It was definitely a nice welcoming into the program.

On the Springfield living side of life, I am making good progress. I’ve found some alternate routes to work and the store and have also discovered more of downtown. I have to keep reminding myself that people don’t figure everything out overnight. The culture shock is slowly going away and I am easing into my new role here in Missouri.

Thus far, I took a great tip from a close friend in Texas about meal planning and so far it’s really paid off. Only one grocery trip to Target has already provided me with 3 healthy meals a day with another week of sustainability and then some. Couponing and shopping for in-season fruits and veggies is really the only way to do it. I told my mom the other day that they are so spoiled down in Houston because of all the fresh variety of produce at Kroger, Whole Foods and HEB, all of which are non-existent here.

My current struggle is not being around my community support system that I am accustomed to in Texas. It is hard not being around my close church family and seeing my grandma and her pet, Mr. Turtle, as well as other good friends. But, this is only temporary and will fly by for sure. So really, it’s figuring out how to maintain contact over state lines and all the while, letting them know I’m there, in prayer.


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