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Beginning Again

New Beginnings

This past week I completed my first week of my Child Life Internship. It was a challenging week, keeping my stamina up all day long and realizing that this trip, this journey, is exactly where God needed me to be. Before I began my internship, I was concerned that this wasn’t going to be where I needed to be; I thought that God led me down a broken road for nothing; He kept leading me in with glorious sunrises and quiet nights. I’m so glad I’m here. He has now given me the ability to see His purpose.

The Child Life Specialists here at CoxHealth are awesome. Each one has a gift to bring to the table and each has a unique and wonderful personality. I can already tell that they will become my family in Missouri, since they are all I will be surrounded by in this state. The one friend that I thought I had, doesn’t want the responsibility of being a good friend, and she parted ways. Her choice, not mine. So it’s me, the child life specialists, and God here in Missouri with me, and I honestly think that was God’s plan all along.

When someone moves to a new state, they cling to whatever is familiar from home and hold it close. Honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of Springfield when I first arrived. But progressively, things have become clearer; I’m finding the tree lined streets and hidden roads to take me home. I love seeing the historic homes on my way to work and the familiar Chick-fil-A and Target is nice.

I’m seeing the internship applications come in for the Spring semester and it’s both an eye opening experience, but it’s also a humbling experience knowing that mine came in that way and they chose me.

I continually feel blessed being handed this opportunity; the amount of work that goes into training an intern is way more than I expected and I think it’s very generous for the child life specialists to share their heart and passion with me. The head specialist told me the other day that I have taken more of an interest in the program and in the specialists in the past few days than other interns have taken in an entire semester. I was taken aback by that fact, because how can you not take an interest in the profession, let alone these individuals in front of you. It might have something to do with being a Texan and believing in southern hospitality, or it might be just who I am.

I’ve seen some eye opening cases this past week and I have been challenged in ways that I’ve never been challenged before. I am here and while I am here, I plan to use this time to study, learn and grow.

The motto for CoxHealth is “to be the best for those who need us”.

That’s my goal.


One thought on “Beginning Again

  1. I am so very happy for you.  You are finding the happiness you so richly deserve.  I admire your tenacity.  You look for the best and now are finding it.  I know the road to this point has been paved with stones in many cases but you and your faith have kept you steadfast.  Much love SP Sandra Peterson


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