Certain Things

There are certain things in my home that we don’t discuss.

We do not talk about weight. At all.

The media is full of the latest diets, excercise plans and methods, pills to lose weight and the many gyms that are opening around the area. Though we see and hear this through technology, we silence it in conversations in our home.

I cringe and stir when friends gash on the concept of losing weight when they are healthy. My ears have heard so many awful things; sounds, words, cries, that I cannot bear to hear talks of weight from anyone. Especially when people know the pain in our home and go on and keep talking about body image and weight. It IS offensive.

For those who aren’t exposed to the ugly truth in Amercia that young adults are starving themselves thin, this is my reality. This is my home.

I have watched my sister struggle with Anorexia for 8 years. I would like to say that it’s better now, but it’s not.

The true friends are sensitive and they remember. They make me feel that I’m not on this journey alone.

I’m not physically there to see her, but I’m sure it’s not better than when I left. In the back of my mind, I know at some point in this semester, I’m going to get the phone call that she’s been re-admitted. That’s my reality. It’s her reality as well.

Certain things require certain friendships and certain truths. 


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