Missing Out

missing out

I love hearing via social media all the fun things that are happening at home, in Texas. Birthdays, Friday night football games, church events with friends, visiting grandma’s house on Sunday afternoons, going to favorite restaurants and much more. Oh yes, how fun and wonderful all those things are, and I’m happy that they are happening, just sad that I can’t be a part of those events.

How I wish I could hop in the car and drive 2 hours and be somewhere where I knew someone and could visit. So here’s to entering that stage of life where you find yourself far away, knowing no one and having to create your own happiness on your own. I practiced a bit of this in North Texas; friends weren’t always available to hang out, but the comfort was that they were still around and I’d see them at school. It’s a bit different here.

But life is still beautiful, I just have to venture out and make my own memories. I just need that first push out the door.

Homesick, yes. But its not something that I can’t overcome. The semester will fly and I will be strong.


One thought on “Missing Out

  1. Bravo to a brave young woman. I know it is tough. I think many of the feelings are the same I experienced when I left to attend UNT and if course there were many students from the DFW area who travelled back and forth to home. I did not have a car so going anywhere was out. I know you will make the best of your situation and will grow as a person exponentially. Lv u

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