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Today, It Rained

There’s always something magical about thunderstorms; something comforting. It’s especially all the more fun if you’re at home all snug in the covers of your duvet, listening and watching the rain and hearing the shutters of thunder roll along. It’s unlike anything else.

It hadn’t really stormed since I’ve been here and today I caught a sense of home. Julie Andrews wrote her memoir “Home” and described home in two different ways; where she was from and then wherever her feet landed next. She talked about the details, the little things that make a home.

Being curled up in comfort in my bed, listening to a storm made me feel at home, and for the first time that this place could indeed be becoming my home.

So please bring the rain. I’m over here ready for autumn with my candles, pumpkin spice muffins, soups, cozy slippers and freshly cleaned sheets. Let’s welcome this storm, because surprisingly it brings me home.


One thought on “Today, It Rained

  1. How beautifully you right.  Your words made me feel like I wanted to curl up under the covers.  What a description.  You are a fine, fine writer.  Much love SP Sandra Peterson


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