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Sparks Flying

sparks-flying  Beginning my 3rd week already of internship; it is flying fast and I’m trying to slow things down. The amount of knowledge and skills that are currently being crammed into my brain is unbelievable. I’m being thrown a life jacket here and there, but I am faced with skill sets each day and it definitely has made me grow stronger and more confident in my own skill set.

This year has been devoted to Child Life and proving myself worthy in this ultra competitive field. I was thinking tonight of how many internship positions there are here in MO and I counted 6….I’m 1 of 6….wow, still feeling humbled and blessed.

I’m not only rounding on patients, but introducing Child Life services on my own now, and assessing developmental theories as I go along. It’s definitely a job that requires you to think fast on your feet for your entire shift. #stamina

My supervisor  uses the term “perfect world child life” quite often. I think it’s brilliant. She’ll say “in perfect world child life there would be this and this and this”; with no budget constraints, that would be true. Honestly, it’s learning to balance what you have with what you can do.

The educational experience I’m receiving here is something I couldn’t receive anywhere else. Springfield is a one of a kind place with a one of a kind population. I’m seeing different struggles here than I would see in Houston or other places; similar, but not the same.

But bottom line, it’s going really well; I am happy to go to internship in the morning and I continually feel thankful each day. Thankful for the opportunity and for the mentors who are teaching me all the amazing things about Child Life.




One thought on “Sparks Flying

  1. I am so happy for you that your internship has proven to be a great opportunity for you.  It sounds as if it is even better than you anticipated.  I am so happy for you.  God does indeed lead us in the best direction for us.  Have a blessed week and weekend.  Lv u SP Sandra Peterson


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