I Prayed for You

We got the page at 7pm on the dot. We looked at the phone and saw you were here. You needed all the good hands on board to help. Your status was critical and people were dropping their dinner, paperwork and coffee cup and running to meet you. All these people rushing in, not knowing what lies ahead or what challenges they would face; they rushed forward for you.

We looked at the clock….7pm…..we couldn’t have overtime, we couldn’t see you. We couldn’t rush to your side, we couldn’t talk you through what was happening, we couldn’t comfort your siblings, we couldn’t let you know we cared.

Instead, I prayed for you.

I prayed that the doctors and nurses were treating you will grace & gentleness. I prayed that family was close and unhurt. I prayed that all would be ok, and that I might meet you tomorrow. I knew that God had you in the palm of His hand. 


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