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If I Told You My Story

The other day I had the privilege of sharing my story about why I pursued Child Life with my internship supervisor. I told her it stemmed from my sister being sick, but now I had shifted to the reasoning that I loved the field as it is. The more I studied and learned about the work of a child life specialist, the more I loved it just for that, and not for the personal experience.

I shared how it impacted my family and how it impacted me. She wondered who was there for me during that time; I told her my support was my extraordinary teachers who set their own boundaries aside and walked in my storm. Every chance I get to honor them, I take that opportunity. I know that I wouldn’t be as successful and as well-rounded as I am today without their love & support. She was so grateful to hear that my teachers were there for me and she was so sorry to hear that this happened and that I had to experience this.

I can’t begin to say how much it means to share my story with someone who genuinely cares. It’s a heavy suitcase and sometimes hard to carry, but with support I know that I can go far. I am forever grateful for those who have stood in my storm and helped me up when I fell in the ruts in the road; thank you for loving me and reminding me of God’s love.


3 thoughts on “If I Told You My Story

  1. God has special plans for you! You are fortunate to have found your calling; something many others never find. May you be blessed every day! You are a very special person. It is a privilege to walk the path with you. Take care.

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  2. Lovely. You certainly deserved that support that God was loving enough to provide for you. You are truly doing God’s work. Have a blessed day. Lv u SP

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