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I’ve Made it This Far…

Hello 2nd week of October! It’s officially mid terms and my first case study is due. I had my first official trauma this past week, my first witness of life support in action and my first realization about staying calm during all of it. Thursday, I was extremely busy, seeing multiple patients and literally running down the hall at times. I wouldn’t trade this for anything, but in the midst of trauma and stress, I was lacking something that is uniquely me…my voice. Oh music! Life without a piano is me right now. I keep eyeing the closed baby grand piano in the lobby at Cox thinking, “hmmm, I could totally come in on Saturday and play this piano; would anyone care”. Anyhoo, music is missing and it might be the cure-all for this homesick Texan.

So, I reached back out to the parish here in Springfield with the age old question, “can I cantor without being in the choir”? That answer came back “yes”, so thankfully my heart can now have an outlet.

On another note, I finished my favorite 365 brand (Whole Foods) cereal this past week, which was unfortunate. Not another store within 100 miles. Bottom line, if you’re from a major city and want to live in a small town, do so to one within 100 miles of another substantial city with choices of all kinds. Including cereal choices.

It looks like it will be another Saturday night of my floor literally vibrating from the music party below me. (I don’t miss college life.)

I do however miss my friends and especially my family. It doesn’t get easier being away, you just slowly become stronger. But really, I can’t wait to go home.


One thought on “I’ve Made it This Far…

  1. So glad you found a way to fulfill your music emptiness. Lucky church! Sounds busy, busy there! I hope your case study develops the way you want it to. You write so beautifully that I am sure it will be a masterpiece. Lv u

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