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I did it! I made it to midterms; I made it to my evaluation; bottom line I made it. They stated that I was “the best intern they have had in three years”. Wow! That’s amazing…little ole’ me from Texas. Couldn’t have done it without God.

It’s been a whirlwind; I’ve been homesick and missing my fam like no ones business. But underneath all of that, I have succeeded and that says a lot.

I am doing introduction of Child Life Services on the unit, in the NICU and now in the Emergency Department. I had my first child abuse trauma experience and my first adult consult end of life consult for a child these past two weeks. It’s torn at my heart, but I have to be strong.

Our motto is “to be the best for those that need us”. I need to continue to put my heart into everything and pursue my needed passion.

Keep looking up, the stars are waiting.


One thought on “Success

  1. Beautiful! Congratulations! Very proud and happy for you. You are what your field needs and what God wants for you. Lv u

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