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Coming into My Own

Oh my stars, I have finally reached that golden point where I can see the light shining brighter each day and my purpose being placed in my hands by God. Yes, wow! That’s a mouthful, but seriously, to be where I am now, this journey to joy, I’m getting closer to the reality of my dream.

Each day on average, I meet 20 different families with kids to accompany. I am constantly, non-stop assessing needs, behaviors and actions. My intervention plan can change halfway through the intervention, and I’m constantly shifting gears to meet the child’s needs.

My supervisor, Rana is amazing! If I could hand pick an internship supervisor, I would choose her; she genuinely cares and is oh so funny! #love Everyone needs a bright personality and caring soul in their corner, and I’m glad she’s in mine. Thank you Rana for celebrating me and my accomplishments thus far in internship. I celebrate you each day for being an awesome teacher.

Amanda and Morgan, the other two specialists I work under are fantastic as well; each sharing their knowledge in a fun and caring manner, I have literally been able to grow beyond what I saw for myself.

Rock on Kathryn. You’ve got this last half!


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