Journey · Personal

God is Everywhere I Am

Since I’ve been in Missouri I have seen my faith in God evolve in ways that I never imagined possible. This journey was set in part to prove to me that my faith in Him needed to grow. For every problem I encountered, I could only lean on Him; there literally wasn’t anyone else. With this dependency, I found myself reading more bible verses and my heart more still, seeking out more time for myself and leaving work at work.

There has been one blessing that has been great…my internship supervisor and I go to the same Mass at the same church. Today I was the cantor and she and her family brought up the gifts to the altar. The preparation Hymn was “Open my Eyes” which is a classic Hymn that I’ve known for years. The beauty of being able to sing when they were bringing the gifts down the aisle and hearing the congregation singing strongly with me was great. It was definitely one of those awe inspiring moments. I’m definitely thankful to God for leading me on this journey and surrounding me with people that I can grow in my faith with.


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