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Can We Discover the Good?

Can we discover the good when we are surrounded by negativity? Our daily lives face challenges of all kinds, and when we return from a long day’s work, the television doesn’t offer much relief.

Where do we seek out the good? Is it in our friends or family? Are we paying or turning our attention to those that need us?

Some people call me the queen of greeting cards…I call it sending a smile. It’s a tangible way for me to show others, yes, I’m with you and I care for you. And more importantly, that I love you.

What is good to me? Writing my thoughts, reading great novels, coloring, listening to music on Pandora and YouTube and most importantly, singing. We can’t forget about the good that we can give, and sometimes it’s re-discovering the good that is inside each of us. Can we re-kindle our joy to help others? What do our evenings look like? Are we giving ourselves to Christ and letting him lead?

It’s a journey. It doesn’t happen overnight. If Christ is calling, let him in. Answer the phone, write your worries down, type them out. Discover the good in front of you. Treasure the memories and enjoy the spontaneous laughter.

If I’ve learned anything through my journey of caring for God’s children, it’s to enjoy all the good moments, as small as they are, for they don’t always come. And to treasure the heroes, the supports, the mentors that become your family along the journey…they will become your greatest friends because they will stand in your storm, comfort your sorrows and lift you higher.

Like the blue bird that flies, you too will soar when you discover the good.

God Bless


One thought on “Can We Discover the Good?

  1. Lovely, lovely.  You continue to grow exponentially!  What exceptional insight and writing ability.  Love the coloring too and love you SP Sandra Peterson


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