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Lead by Example

On this evening of uncertain futures, I made it a point to thank someone for their calm flexibility. I was reminded today to lead by the example and with the imprint you want others to remember you as…as someone who is genuine and someone who treats you with dignity and respect.

I was faced with a situation this afternoon that involved multiple persons and tasks needed to be delegated to keep everyone safe. I was direct, but polite. I was concerned that my bluntness might be taken the wrong way. So, I called the individual and personally thanked her for helping.

We live in a world where people are expected to “not fail”, to be “flawless”.

I am flawed. I am imperfect. But each day I give my all. I admit my wrongdoings and can take the criticism.

Ending thought: lead by example; what do you want that person to remember of you. And give grace, lots of it, for we live in uncertain times.


One thought on “Lead by Example

  1. I am sure you responded as you should. I trust you know how God would have wanted you to respond. You are so correct to follow your strong instincts. Proud of and for you. Lv u so

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