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Why We’re Here

What makes our job difficult is seeing the child abuse and neglect cases come in. We are prepared to care for each child that walks into our doors, but sometimes the the child’s story is unimaginable.

But, we seek out the light. What can we, the helpers do to help? We revert back to what we know. Children cope best with comfort. So we provide blankets, lovies, stuffed animals, books and hugs. We know that children learn and heal through play, so dolls, cars, blocks, tea sets and play food are provided. We know that when medical procedures occur, children need to be distracted, so we bring out our light spinners, bubbles, iPad and I-Spy books to keep the child’s interest.

We know what children need in traumatic and new environments. We can give them and teach them the tools, the ways to succeed and overcome the obstacles.

We never stop trying; we never stop helping. Through the tears, we see victories. Through the laughter, we see mastery. And through the sadness we see the hope for something greater.

My prayer is for all children that come into new and scary environments, that someone like us is there to help them.


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