The Kindness Train

There is something called “The Kindness Train” and it keeps continuously rolling down the track all throughout the year. It has a nice steam engine that constantly works hard, putting in good coal and has a team of great engineers to keep it going. There are lots of passenger cars on this train, picking up passengers that are coming and going…some for short rides and others for long rides. The servants on the passenger cars are always dressed in their best, smiley smiles on their faces and they don over the guests with upmost positivity. Sometimes the passengers love this train so much that they bring gifts for the other passengers to enjoy and take with them.

But sometimes the servant’s smiley smiles and spectacular service does not meet the passengers needs and some passengers become upset. They become so upset that they call the manager of the train coalition. The train coalition then calls the head engineer and tells him about the upset passenger. The Kindness Train then comes to a halt so the head engineer can go talk with the disgruntled passenger to see what in the world can be done to turn their frown upside down.

Sometimes to turn the passenger’s frown upside down, the smiley servant gives a tour of the parlor car and the caboose, and if the passenger is really mad, then a trip to the steam engine might be ordered. But for all of this to happen, the Kindness Train has to restart, and the only way this is possible is with kindness.

You see, feelings are smudged and hurt when hatred for others is spewed. If you judge too quick, you’ve ruined a moment you had to be kind. If you look at someone the wrong way, you might get a label for life. If you don’t meet all the visionary needs, you might be off with your head. What if we could all be killed with kindness like on The Kindness Train? It never stops or ceases, we just have to be mindful of our steps and watch for impeding signals. We are all flawed, myself at the top of the list, but especially during this season, let’s believe in the power of kindness and let’s all take a ride on The Kindness Train.


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