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Strength and Confidence 

Before I walked in the doors, my pages were unwritten, unscripted and unpublished. I had pounds of knowledge to gain; experiences to experience; my heart would be torn in pieces from many things, but that was known to you. I wasn’t aware of the ginormous amount of  strength and confidence this would take but you knew, and you helped me find me.

The other day, we were all sharing what we were thankful for and you mentioned that you were thankful that I genuinely cared about the team and wanted to be involved and wanted to know about life, our lives beyond the hospital walls. I couldn’t imagine not, but you told me that many never ask or care…how could anyone not?

You all became my family; supportive, caring, loving, loads of laughter, present, joyous people I’m blessed to know.

While it’s a joy to go home, it’s a sorrow to know that this was all temporary. How close we grow, even on the hard days, all must come to an end. Is it goodbye forever, absolutely not, but it will be goodbye for now.

It pains me to think about it, because each of you, Rana, Amanda, Morgan and Kayleigh, played a significant role both in my internship and in my life.

You trained me to become my dream job. You helped me achieve my dream!

I’m now a Child Life Specialist.

All because 3 people in April of 2016, called me in Texas for an interview and then in May, when I said “absolutely yes”.

I love each of you very much. You found the light, unearthed it, gave it the wisdom it needed to flourish and watched the light shine.

Your work will always be remembered and cherished.


One thought on “Strength and Confidence 

  1. What a wise young woman you are! How richly you bless the lives you impact. You are indeed a gifted writer. How delightful it has been to see the growth that you have made which is tremendous. I’m sure that all the good things that the Lord has in mind for you will come true. Love you

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