A Door Opened

Now that I have completed my Child Life Internship, the task of dreamers and believers, it’s hard to grasp it’s completion. I left Missouri, car packed tight, with the fleeting thought that I was “simply going home”. I listened to my favorite playlist on the way out of Springfield, and quickly came to admire the vast countryside around me (I must have been asleep for that portion of the ride back in August). It was foggy and cold, a perfect December day. There were a few tears (presumable). Oklahoma was nice too…the scenery was ever changing.

It wasn’t until I went back to the elementary schools in my district to sub and verbally stated  that “I’m a Child Life Specialist” that I saw/heard my value to children. It’s all in my head, but it’s something to complete your dream and it’s another to verbalized it.

I’m on the job search (of course). Haven’t even been home a week, and I’m already looking for something more. I wonder where my contentness went? That may be something to rediscover.

More to follow…this blog has yet to begin!


One thought on “A Door Opened

  1. Looking forward to more blogs. Glad you are safely home. I would think your profession would really be welcome in the field of education. I hope the job offers start pouring in. Lv u

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