The Unexplainable 

It is a known fact in my family that my sister struggles with body image and obsesses on food type, ingredients and exercise. It’s been diagnosed and it’s been this way for years.

Monday morning, I’m sitting in the living room drinking coffee and my sister is near the kitchen, doing her intense workout. Never pausing for a break, just keeps breathing hard and keeps going. Everyone in the home knows this is WAY beyond necessary, but no one says anything.

I don’t think there’s words to put with watching your sister deteriorate.

I’ve decided for 2017 to take a new approach. As the picture at the top states,  it is true that The Lord’s love never ceases and never fails; it’s constant. So, when I struggle I will reach to him, read a book, watch a clip on YouTube or watch a movie. When my mind shifts, I will shift back to myself. It’s not being selfish…it’s about surviving the joy that I found.


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