Self care

Under Open Skies

I’m back in my home state, back to wide open spaces, big sky country….back to all I ever have known. It’s an interesting step to transition back…you come back to all the problems you left behind and yet they still linger, like the cracks in the wall.

Since I’ve been back, I’ve worked some at the schools, finished a scrapbook, read a book that was thoroughly depressing (Orphan #8) and sang a whole bunch at church. I’ve seen some great friends and with this one day of break left, I’m settling back into the new “normal”.

I need to get my life back in some sort of order and I also need to order my study guide for the exam this week.

Goals for the new year: care-less, say no, self care more often and be more creative with it, learn new recipes, read actual books and not screens, and be me.

More later….


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