Late Night Tactics (to avoid)

End of January already…really? Wow, what a month! Currently combating a cold and cough; I love how the Kleenex brand tissues have made vast improvements on their box designs….I am currently looking at a “Frozen” cool touch box…good job Kleenex. I’ve spent January substitute teaching and singing. My eyes are constantly opened  to the need for “real” good teachers and I can feel my heart’s goals shifting.

One thing to never do both at night and when you are sick…job hunt…it’s depressing. Both because your sick and you can barely concentrate and because you’re tired. Just forget it. Also, don’t buy Ritz Chips, they are HIGHLY addicting. #tasty

I finally rearranged my bedroom and am still not exactly happy with where my bed is located. There’s only so many things one can change.

I finally logged onto my desktop/laptop version of this blog and noticed everything was labeled “uncategorized” which is so not me; so 30 minutes later, perfect categorization.

I was also contemplating whether or not to use this LUSH Blackberry bath bomb, but I have since realized it’s making me cough; and these neighbors, it might be 45 degrees, and yet they are having a pool party.

Looking at my Magnolia Market hymn cards above my desk, “In Christ alone my hope is found”, will be my guide through this ending of winter and beginning of spring. I simply cannot journey alone.

When I finished my internship, I was so tired….and with 3 MAJORLY important tasks on my mind, I was overwhelmed.

And all the negative…what will you do, what will you make, will you be poor? Ugh. Here’s your answer:

I will support children and families in hospitalized settings providing education for the hospitalization and procedures from the minute they arrive onto my floor. I will build rapport with them so that they know they have an ally with them on their journey. I will make children feel empowered and give them the tools they need to succeed while being in the hospital. Tools such as diversion, distraction, play, laughter and creative arts; so that when their next journey comes or when they find themselves in a new medical situation all their own, they will be able to remember the tools of coping that were taught to them, and they will be able to self-soothe and comfort others. I would only be poor if I did not follow my dream and follow my desire of working with God’s children. I would be poor if I did not research my career, making sure that I, the advocate, was making a living. Don’t doubt my ability; let me show you all that I can do.

For I was trained to be the best for those that need me.




One thought on “Late Night Tactics (to avoid)

  1. Wow!! What an incredible wealth of knowledge. I am so sorry you are ill. I hope you are soon well. You are an inspiring person. You are a blessing to all who are fortunate enough to know you. Lv u. Keep up the good work and keep the blogs coming. Sp

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