Beginning & Ending & Trusting

Trust in The Lord.

I’ve reached another milestone where my control and trust lies not within my being. 

I think the struggle is real as an aspiring Certified Child Life Specialist because there are SO many beginnings and endings along the journey. I am constantly building my reputation repeatedly and showing others who I really am. 

Think about it: volunteering positions, working your way up to a practicum (beginning and ending), leaving stronger, more applications, odd jobs (proving that your a person who demands respect, not just a stocker at Michaels Arts & Crafts making 50 cents above minimum wage, but you do it so you can pursue volunteering for this dream job), applying again for internships, getting one (happy heart) working tirelessly proving your worth, wisdom, grace and presence (beginning and ending), moving, leaving, settling back into what you left, finding your voice back home. Studying for your career job, you can see the victory mountain, but there’s still about 4 hills and 2 ladders before you can reach it. Not letting your knowledge, wisdom and guidance squander in your temporary substitute teaching position where sometimes current teachers see you as a warm body and nothing more. Don’t let it deter your beginnings and endings. 

I get it; the journey; it’s just that, a journey. 

Bottom line, if you think you can control every job opening browser you open, but fall back into the pillow because you’re not superwoman, and can’t juggle a job and studying and job applying, I’m here to say that’s ok. Because I’m not superwoman and I can only be such a productive human who has a life during this journey. 

Trust that The Lord has the best thing over on the other side of that mountain. Do what you need to do. He will still lead you. 


3 thoughts on “Beginning & Ending & Trusting

  1. This is such a great post! After receiving no practicums yet again, this is such a great reminder that good things are yet to come. Also, I so appreciate you sharing your faith with your posts! A huge testament and witness! Can’t wait to continue reading your posts! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Whitney! I honestly thought that achieving a practicum was the hardest feat of all…internship applying is a struggle too…it took me 3 semesters to achieve a practicum and I was offered 2. Feel free to email me at with any concerns or questions you might have about the process. 😊

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      1. Thanks girl! I’ll definitely contact you if needing some advice! I appreciate the gesture immensely! 🙂


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