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Don’t be Negative Nancy

Negativity is a bear….bothersome. bad. boring. blunt. boasting. belligerent. bold. 

Do we need it…more importantly, do YOU need it?

It’s frustrating to the nth degree not getting what you want or what you deserve. I get it. But are you turning your negatives/your negativity into positivity? Are you changing/altering/enhancing/bettering yourself? Or are you sticking to your story that “there’s nothing to improve upon”. If that’s the storybook you’re reading, please place it back on the shelf, because no one should be reading that novel. 

A Child Life practicum/internship will not fall into your lap one day….a rejection letter might, probably/likely many…it all depends on what you do with the negatives, that will create the positive that you want. You have to put in the effort and make it happen. 

God will meet you on both sides of the coin, but if you’re being Negative Nancy, and not finding ways to improve/enhance yourself, you’re not going to make it. 

As with singing, there will always be those who didn’t practice before they performed, and it most likely won’t sound that great. But we learned through feedback in college, to always look for a positive…always. It might be that their hair looks nice, or that their dress is flattering to their figure. Or maybe they had good consonants, but their tone was miserable. 

All in all, if you go into and out of the application experience with negativity, it will be negative. Guaranteed. 

And the World Wide Web is an open playground; you never know who you might meet or who might read your blog…perhaps a potential internship supervisor/coordinator. Will they like what they see? #networking 

If Child Life is your dream job, then take the chips as they fall, but pick them back up and put them into action. 


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