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I Bet My Life


This journey began nearly 4 years ago….I was a college sophomore stepping foot into my first Child Life class, totally enthused about all of it. I had a grasp on what it was going to take, but I wasn’t able to fully comprehend at the time the amount of heart, effort, sacrifice and patience it was going to take to achieve my dream.

I was rejected many, many times….my heart broken in pieces….people told me I was “wasting my time”; “was this really a good job”; “well, that’s interesting”; “when will you ever get there”; “how much longer are you going to volunteer”; “why are you so serious”.

I had my own reasoning for continuing, for persevering in this quest. It was because of my sister; I had to “give back”, “support” those who supported her and my family.

But when the years past and my sister was making choices that set my family back, I no longer wanted to associate my dream job with her chronic illness. I wanted my dream to be mine, and not anyone else’s. I wanted to love it for the career, for everything that it was, fall in love with it again; gain my own unique perception that didn’t cloud my judgement.

And I poured this above reason out to my internship supervisor who supported me 100% and encouraged me to re-discover my love for Child Life during the internship.

I’m happy to say that I did, and that separation was hands down the best decision I made to date. I can’t control what my sister does; I see the change to her body, I don’t know what the future holds for her, but I can confidently say that I have my own perception and justification of Child Life.

I bet every ounce of my being into this career…I bet my life.

And all that betting, all the odd jobs and numerous volunteer positions, miles added to my SUV, late nights, trials and errors, postage costs, road trips and applications, I did it.

I so achieved this dream…. (tears)

I’m here to add these beautiful letters to my name…

Kathryn Allen, CCLS





One thought on “I Bet My Life

  1. Fantastic! Have always believed you would achieve your hearts desire. You have always had this calling and I so impressed that you saw this quest through. I. M so proud of you and happy for you. Lu

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