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Life Resumed

It’s been an official week of being a Certified Child Life Specialist and while the feeling of accomplishment is still present, I look back at it like “I did it, I just had to get it done”. I’m taking a short hiatus back to my Alma Mater, but this weekend I plan to start the job app process…of course, applications and applying yourself never ceases. 

It is nice to resume life. Life sort of stopped during the overhaul studying months. I put down favorite novels and focused on the textbooks, friend visits were far down on my list and working on my vocal repertoire was non-existent. But, I can enjoy my life and those favorites again. 

A job recently popped up in Idaho…I was thinking “lots of potatoes grow in Idaho”, other than that it’s just another unknown state of adventure. I think often about having to move, pick up and relocate for this job. There’s technically nothing holding me to Texas except my family, which is a lot. I’m very close to my parents and I just don’t think I’m ready to move away again, especially to Idaho, that’s incredibly far. 

One valuable lesson I did learn while I was in Missouri and when I returned, noticed, is that in your absence, life goes on. We sometimes think the world will stop, our spot will be left empty and it awaits our return. But while that seems expected and logical in our minds, it isn’t always the case. We almost have to reintegrate into what we left and find our spot again after it was filled. This applies to friends, church, work, etc. 

I’ve experienced that struggle since I’ve returned and done my best to place it on the back burner, away from the pressing exam. I managed, but it still exists. 

But in whichever step of your Child Life journey you are on, your life will resume. You will have a break or you need to give yourself one. This isn’t a race to the finish line, this is your life, your precious life. It’s meant to be lived. 


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