Compassionate Heart

As a substitute teacher, days can go one way or the other. You spend all day with little children, you learn their names and try to make it a great day for them, even though their routine is adjusted. 

Of all the semesters I’ve been a substitute teacher, I’ve only met children’s parents/caregivers a handful of times. But each time I had the pleasure of doing so, those encounters have stuck with me. 

In the event of yesterday (Field Day), where I was a Special Ed/Developmental teacher, I met some awesome parents/caregivers. 

One precious student’s grandparents came to join in the fun. This little girl was wheelchair bound, but her grandfather and us teachers didn’t let that limit her from doing the different activities. At lunch time, I was pushing her wheelchair back towards the school and her grandparents said that they were going to head home for lunch. Her grandfather then placed his hand on my shoulder, and said “thank you so much for taking good care of her, thank you”. I was touched and he genuinely meant it. 

It’s a struggle sometimes to find teachers and paras who genuinely care about their students. But when you see such a genuine connection and then you get to step into that realm, it not only brings continuity of care, but it impacts your life in a such a special way. It’s called having a compassionate heart. 


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