The Library Porch

I’m sitting on this beautiful terrace this spring filled day, better known as the library porch. It’s the first time I’ve been back on campus as a Certified Child Life Specialist, which is mighty special. The air is crisp, clean and cool and I can hear the fountain flowing into the circular pond to my right.

This is one of the most magical and peaceful places on campus, and when I first visited many moons ago, I fell in love with the gardens and all the trees. 

So much has happened, yet not an overwhelming amount of time has passed since I first came here. Driving through campus I tried to picture myself walking to class and living in those same apartments and dorms; but I couldn’t, only when I walked the way I would walk could I really remember. 

And, there is now a Starbucks inside of the library, which is quite awesome. 


One thought on “The Library Porch

  1. Have a lovely journey on your visit to the past special times.  So happy you are there.  Lv u  Sandra Peterson


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