Substitute Teaching

New Reality

As I look around this classroom I see several life saving factors; a door and several low windows. Except, the door doesn’t lock and the windows don’t open. 

If the unthinkable happened, how and where would I place my students in my care out of harms way?

It is the new reality, the world we live in is not even safe for our youngest children at school. A place where children should be safe, they are not. 

Should visitors walk through metal detectors? Should teachers specify who is allowed to visit and who is not with the front office. Our first responsibility is to do no harm. So let’s do that. 

The tragedy yesterday reminded me of Newtown. 

As I look around the room, if something were to occur, I think I have a plan in place to keep us safe today. 

Parents should know that fellow substitute teachers and I do our best every day to make sure your child has a good day, a safe day, even when their primary teacher is not present. 

Even though these acts of violence are rare, they do occur. 

Every child and educator deserves the right to teach, learn and grow in a safe and loving school. Let not one more child perish  in their classroom. 



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