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When I Need Help

To all the helpers out there; the advocates; the heavy shoulders that people lean on; the cross bearers to the truth; the unsung saints. This is for you.

We spread our wings wide to cover those in our lives that need us; whatever they need we are there for them. But what happens when the roles are reversed? What happens when we need someone to cover us with their wings; will we have someone to care as much about us as we do about them? 

I wish I could say someone would immediately cover your heart with theirs, allow your head to rest on their shoulder and weep or drop everything to call. The helpers need helpers in their corner too. We are strong, but we need someone to say “it’s okay, you don’t have to be strong; I will be strong for you”. We need someone to say “you don’t have to fake it; it’s okay to cry, and I will wrap my wings around you; you are safe here”. 

The world is very “here and now” minded. Most friends want things to be good most days. 

But what about those friends with chronic illness or those few friends that have a sibling with a chronic illness? 

I’m in the latter category, and my current need is for someone to be in my corner. It’s a cross that I bear, but I can’t carry it alone. 


One thought on “When I Need Help

  1. First, a very blessed Easter. Thank you for your very insightful observation. You give voice to something each of us needs to be more aware of. At the times we feel most alone is when our faith teaches us that Christ is always there with his arms around us. Are those times perhaps God’s way of reminding us of his presence and giving us an opportunity to be more aware of it and to give us a chance to thank and praise him? Are there angels around us of which we are unawares? Lv u

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