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Being Busy=Being Safe

I’ll be the first to admit that I have not been on the bandwagon since I returned from Dallas. I’ve been happily busy with birthdays, Easter and workdays. 


Busy is a “safe” place to be; concentrated on what’s in front of you, not what’s ahead of you….at least that’s my take. currently. 

It’s not like what I’m doing isn’t important, because it is. I always carved out time for the journey ahead, and need to do that again. But, I’m happy here, with my life, my friends, my everyday travels. Who wants to pick up and relocate to start again? My composer friend and I are starting a song cycle of his compositions…I can’t even pick a recital date….nothing is certain….I’m living month to month.

I think the most frustrating and darn annoying question is “what jobs are you applying to”. It’s just the same for graduating high school seniors, and I remember it well. After a “congratulations” the next line would be, what are you majoring in, what are you doing with your life….because at 18 you’re supposed to know it all? 

To avoid it, I simply say “oh, I’ve seen several openings here and there” and quickly change the subject. I keep my parents and close friends in the know, but that’s it. My business is my business. I know they are just curious, but still. It’s like I have to keep divulging my life plan every semester I complete something or something happens. 

I am more than the path, the road I’m traveling. That might should be the motto for every pursuer of dreams. 


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