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They Proved My Worth

Working as a substitute teacher is a challenging job. Everyday I walk into a new school, a new classroom, a different set of students and their needs….every day was indeed a new day.

I worked my way up from the bottom, with the district’s most challenging schools, teaching only Kindergarten and 1st grade, sometimes Special Education. I spent two months in that area and then was allowed to sub anywhere in the district. I branched out a bit to middle school and high school, but found I was best in the early grades of elementary school (the vast age difference always helps with discipline).

Most schools were cordial and appreciated subs, but others, including the one pictured above (French Elementary) proved to be more on a mission of inclusion, calling them by their name, making sure they knew about the Tex-Mex lunch in the lounge, greeting me with a smile and friendly “hello” when I signed in and out, allowed me to go to lunch off campus with an “enjoy” and always called me back for repeated occasions. I started becoming recognized by classes who continuously waved at me in the hallways and by the sweet Kindergarteners who gave me endless hugs. 

At French, they empowered me to be me, by including me and making me feel that I was more than a sub. In fact, I was welcomed and praised. They allowed countless opportunities in every grade and even in Special Education, where I thrived as a Certified Child Life Specialist. 

A few other Klein Schools to mention, that also empowered me to be me were: Frank Elementary, Mahaffey Elementary, Metzler Elementary, Blackshear Elementary, and my own elementary, Mittlestädt. 

As a Certified Child Life Specialist, I’ve taken MANY steps to be where I am, and it is difficult to find a position where I fit in. But I’m happy to say I found it; and while I await my dream job, it is nice to be appreciated for the job I’m currently doing. 


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