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The Never Ending Ladder

The journey onward, the journey forward. If you’re scared of heights, don’t look down then, look ahead. The past has occurred, keep climbing upwards…most importantly, don’t let the past weigh your heart down…that day, that instance is gone, it’s not returning…ever…again. 

I sometimes wonder, “will I ever get to pause and enjoy what I have climbed all the way up to view”? Lately, (the past 2 years), my climbing is continuous…I want to stop and enjoy my view. 

I’ve got a tinge of nervous jitters…it’s interview time, at a place that’s widely popular and close on my heart. 

Too many “what ifs”….my mind is racing in a thousand directions. Can I pause and enjoy teaching Kindergarten till the school year ends. 

I’m praying for peace this week. My mind needs it…my heart deserves it. 


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