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This gift was probably the most heartfelt and beautiful gift I have ever received. 

I’ve been busy working as a long-term Kindergarten sub at French Elementary. Their teacher had her baby, so the school called me and requested that I please come and finish out the year. 

It was the last day of school, and I was working the back carpool line. One of the other teachers offered me to leave so I could clean up my classroom. I went back inside to put the iPads away and give the class fish to another teacher. As I was literally handing over the fish, my name was called over the PA system.

I gathered my borrowed laptop and DVD player, thinking that’s what it was about and headed over. Side note: the secretary at the front desk is the most gracious and kind person I’ve ever met #goals

I handed her my items and she said the Assistant Principal wanted to speak with me and was on her way from the back carpool line. I wasn’t sure what it was about, but when she walked in, she had this beautiful bouquet of flowers in her arms. She said “these are from one of your student’s mother; she wanted to make sure that you got them”.

I’ve always been a person to make that positive difference, provide a fun and safe classroom environment, never expecting a parent to give so generously back. 

But she gave back in sunflowers 🌻 


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