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It’s Not Peaches and Ice Cream

Life isn’t always as sweet as peaches and ice cream (Blue Bell to be exact). 

Today I was turned down from two Child Life jobs. Two. 

And what was my reaction….I went to church and sat in the chapel and looked at the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary with all the little candles surrounding her. 

The constant thought in my head was “this result doesn’t discount all the work you have done”. And that lyric from KSBJ radio “you are not alone; there’s a place where you can lay it down; oh my soul”. 

The world has it on their head that disappointment is the immediate reaction and then immediately on the up & up. 

Reality: it’s up to that person to take the result and decide what happens next. 

I’m not done yet. 


One thought on “It’s Not Peaches and Ice Cream

  1. So sorry to hear about your disappointment.  Love your attitude.  The right job will come along.  God has not brought you all this way to have you fail.  You keep on keeping on as you so astutely said in your post.  Love you  S Sandra Peterson


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