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Heart Knots

I’m in the battle of my life; I’ve never been so torn, so happy, so sad, and so motivated all in one sitting…this journey has proven to be extremely hard to handle. 

I’ve received an interview offer in FL and while is a beautiful thing, it’s also new, heart-breaking and far. 

I’m having to battle between loving this job and loving my life as I know it. Most especially my friends, my very close friends. I can’t even….

It’s so easy to say: you’ll make new friends, you’ll love this job, you will be awesome; so please don’t…I really can’t tolerate that.

I also am discerning more and more, “what is life really about”, “it’s all temporary”. I have some REALLY beautiful friendships here, the life I love. 

To be continued….


One thought on “Heart Knots

  1. My heart and prayers go out to you. Bless your heart you have a very, very difficult decision. Your dilemma is understandable. Oh my. Congratulations on the offer. May the Lord help and guide you. Love sp

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