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Love Without Borders

As you know, I’ve been on this different and difficult path these last few weeks and it’s safe to say that “while I’m wandering” my eyes have been continually opened. You see, this dear friend’s family of mine is from another country and never on God’s green earth have I ever had a close friend from another country. Well, this has taught me to have an open heart and to love more and more. 

I was talking with my grandma today and ever so briefly told her about my work I had been doing. She was quiet and only responded with, “well, don’t give too much of yourself to them”. This struck me as odd because of all people, she knows me and knows my heart. It was almost another punch to the gut of reigning disapproval over the years since I announced to her I was moving to north Texas and had been accepted to TWU, instead of a “congrats” it was “if that’s what you like”. 

But, her comment today was not stated with love. Me being me, I quickly re-routed the conversations to going to the mall for “the house shoes she needed”….diversion at its best. I love my Grandma so much, but I also have to remember that in the era she was raised, family was it. Period. Nowadays, friends have more of a mix into everyday interactions, gatherings, visits and family life. And for that I am thankful. 

But still, even with those less understanding people in our lives, that often times don’t believe in Child Life (I’ve had too many to count) we (I) still have to love them and hopefully work to convince them one day that my work is worthy of praise. But more importantly, worthy of acceptance. 


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