Self care

Clean Feet

This post is about clean feet? Yes/well/maybe. 
Your feet take you everywhere….places, locations, spots; and they take you through many a journey, many a trial and many a time. 

About 4 months ago, I found a foot care routine utilizing LUSH products and it has been fabulous. 

I’ve told everyone I’ve known about this routine and even bought some for a friend to try, she just still hasn’t tried it. And so tonight, I did this foot care routine and my feet feel fresh and new.

New as in, I can walk through this difficult time, I can journey onward. 

Foot washing has a history of biblical meaning, Jesus stooping to wash others feet as an act of charity. Our feet give us the ability to move mountains and do the things we wish. 

Me really paying attention to my feet tonight (the self-care aspect) enlightens the everyday need to really care for ourselves, at least as much as we care about others. 


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