The Strength in Being Strong

I feel like the go to answer nowadays for anyone and everyone going through a challenging time is answered with “be strong”. Yes, doesn’t everyone?! 

But for someone who is in crisis, struggling with verbal abuse (current trauma and past trauma) do you really leave them at “be strong”? Nope…not me….not ever. 

It takes strength to be strong. It takes the constant presence of a friend with patience and a listening ear, it takes courage to share their story and know that it will be kept confidential, it takes trust for them to cry and scream and despair in front of you with you grabbing their hands and you wrapping your arms around their shoulders, all the while telling them “it’s okay, I’m here, I’m here”. They cannot cultivate their strength without a caring presence, someone who cares, someone who loves. 

If we aren’t here to love one another, and help one another, then why are we all here? Don’t ignore a friend; sadness is a season just like happiness. 

A friend loves at all times. 


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