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Beyond Measure

This might be the most transparent post I’ve written thus far, but, well here it is. 

My biggest fear this summer was not being able to spend quality time with my best friend and sadly but surely that has come true. It’s a different world when someone is between jobs or on summer break (teachers) and someone who had a job year round/all the time (church people aka “the Mass never ends). 

My biggest fear is that I would get a job and literally have to move immediately, and all this time would be for not. Ever felt that way? It’s the worst. 

But an unexpected, unheard of blessing has emerged from the sorrow. And maybe this is how it was meant to be all along, God just didn’t know how I would have reacted to it if it hadn’t happened in such a way. 

My point is with this look into my life, is the unexpected things, like seriously unexpected things are the most beautiful. I could have never dreamed of this newfound friendship in a zillion years, but it is helping me during a time where I really need a friend. And I’ve come to the conclusion that our small purpose here on earth is to be in company of one another. It matters and it’s important. 

Did I get the jobs…nope. Life is difficult, and sometimes disappointing; only with friends is it bearable. 


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