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To What Matters 

I’m currently sitting in a hotel in New Orleans and while my phone has been silent from jobs for nearly 2 weeks, it’s now abuzz with emails and texts. Before I left on this mini-getaway, I logged back into the hospital systems to check my status. I attempted to log into a Kansas hospital and it stated “job is no longer available”. I was okay with that, because of my other active openings in TX. And then today who emails me for an interview….Kansas. 

I feel my life twisting and turning yet again; it was “off” my radar two days ago and now it’s back. I think I’ve gotten slight anxiety from all these applications, my head spins too often. The bottom line is, I have the power to say yes or no….having the power is sometimes scary. 

But back to what matters; it does matter. Taking deep breaths and I feel that if I want to move to KS, then there would be benefits not anxiety ridden stomach knots. 


2 thoughts on “To What Matters 

  1. Bless your heart! I feel in my heart that you will get the perfect fit. Selfishly I still hope it will be Texas. Have fun in NO. Do u c a lot of water there? Lv u

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    1. There’s one in West TX that I really want….yes, our hotel flooded right before we arrived in the basement and first floor, so we have 1 working elevator and are on the 6th floor. It’s been an enjoyable trip.


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