The Alphabet Letters

I’m sitting in the loft at my house, crafting and cutting these intricate and completely adorable alphabet letters not fully wanting to give my beloved & previous EC SPED students back to their teacher on Thursday. As an Interim teacher I came into what I assumed was a properly working classroom and ended up being a nonstop advocating journey for these children, so even though they didn’t have a voice, they could be heard and validated.

Not wishing for the end I’m thinking to myself “what if I cut these letters a little bit slower, would time be on my side”.

And all coming into my mind while doing this last act of love is images of the young ones that I’ve helped through Child Life. The ones without a voice to speak for themselves and I was there to comfort, to hug and to hold, to whisper soothing words, to give a stuffed animal to the frightened, to grasp a worried mothers hands in the ED…these children, even the ones that no longer breathe the crisp cool air, I never stopped advocating, never stopped helping.

Never ceased to notice the joy love brings.


One thought on “The Alphabet Letters

  1. Your path has been shown to you.  You are so wise to walk it.  How fortunate to know that your gift has widened these children’s horizon and provided hope to them and  their parents.  Keep on keeping on.  The profession needs more like you.  Will be praying extra hard for you this week.  Love you

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